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24 Everyday Challenges That Can Be Instantly Fixed With A Hearty Dinner

Because let's be real, what can't be fixed by food?

Life is full of little challenges. Be they first-world or Earth-shattering, they happen, whether we like it or not.

But, something we do like is food. Lots of it. And this fondness for sustenance hits its all time high when we've been kicked to the curb by life. 

Having a bleak day filled with darkness and woe can very easily be turned around by a steaming hot-pot or wholesome plate of goods. Try it next time you're down, trust us.

Here's 24 examples of situational bleakness that can be turned on its head given the right grub.

1. A broken heart

The two basically go hand in hand. Now, pass the mash.

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2. Wet feet

Is there anything better than coming in from a storm to a warm meal? Nope, there is not.

200 16

3. A bad day at work

Boss being a prick? Food. Team not doing any work? Food. Walls falling down around you? Food.

200 17

4. The day before payday

Even if it is made up of parmesan, cabbage and coleslaw.

200 18

5. A really bad date

Nothing in common? Order more sides.

200 19

6. Ireland losing at anything

Our collective egos get a kicking, but our tummies do pretty well out of it.

200 20

7. Having to fork out to get your car serviced

Fork? Did someone say fork?

I'm starving.

200 21

8. Rent day

Sure what's a house without a dinner?

200 22

9. Your car breaking down

The world not on your side? Bury your head into some grub.

200 23

10. Stubbing your toe

They say the best medicine is laughter, but they really mean food.

200 24

11. A bad headache

Sure how else are you going to swallow two paracetamol other than washing it down with a shank of lamb?


12. Any form of 'under-the-weatherness'

Top tip: The cure? It's eating.

200 25

13. Failing an exam

Your confidence needs a boost – hey, you're pretty good at eating dinner, why don't you try that?

200 26

14. Losing a pub quiz

It was a fix anyway. You know what you can win? 


200 32

15. Spilling food on your clothes

This means you've lost some food. Let's fix that.

200 31

16. Yoghurt exploding in your bag

See #15.

200 30

17. Missing out on concert tickets

Not ideal, but want something that will involve less people, more satisfaction and no queues?


200 29

18. Your card getting declined

No money? No problem.

200 33

19. Running out of milk

Who needs milk when you've got love? (via food)

200 34

20. Forgetting to record your favourite show

You know what you can get in real-time? 


200 35

21. Bumping into your ex and their new love interest

Yeah, they may be getting some tonight, but you're getting some too.

Getting some dinner.

200 36

22. Asking a woman if she's pregnant when she's not

Bet she had a good dinner.

200 37

23. Spraining your ankle

Better get some bed rest.

And some grub.

200 S

24. And someone repeatedly calling you the wrong name even though you've told them twice

Whatever, I'll be whoever you want, if you feed me.

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