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24 Song Titles That Are Instantly Improved By Adding The Word ‘Sausage'

17. Nine Sausage Crimes

There's a lot to be said about the humble sausage. A perfect breakfast, dinner, lunch or sandwich accompaniment, as well as being a top notch snack on it's own. 

When and how you eat yours is up to you, but let me ask you this - have you ever thought 'gosh, they missed a trick on that song title by not adding the word sausage?'

We have. Here's our pick of the best.

1. Your Sausage Song

2. Can You Feel The Sausage Love Tonight?

Elton always had the wurst jokes.

3. Still Haven't Found What Sausage I'm Looking For

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4. All You Need Is Sausage Love

Hot dogs are all you need.

5. The Sausage Scientist

6. You Can't Always Get What Sausage You Want

7. Sausage Blowin' In The Wind

Actually plausible.

8. Bridge Over Troubled Sausage Water

The end result of number 7.

9. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Sausage Face

200 3

10. River Deep, Sausage Mountain High

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

11. Stairway To Sausage Heaven

12. One Sausage

To the point.

200 4

13. Over The Sausage Rainbow

14. Sausage Love Always Remains


15. Sausage Everywhere

200 5

16. Independent Sausage Woman 

Question. Tell me what you think about meat?

17. Nine Sausage Crimes

18. Pure Sausage Shores

19. Only Sausage In The World

200 6

20. I Can't Get No Sausage Satisfaction

21. Sausage Dreams

Now here you go again, you say, you want your bangers...

22. I'm A Sausage Believer

23. Crazy In Sausage Love

24. And finally, Get This Sausage Party Started

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