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29 Movie Titles That Are Instantly Improved By Adding The Word ‘Sausage'

10. Bridget Jones' Sausage Diary

While these films may be classics, they're not perfect. We just felt that something was missing.. That something being sausages. Don't lie, you've thought the same, you witty lot.

But, the good thing about this is - we've done the thinking, so you don't have to. You lucky sausage.

1. Alien Sausage

Or Sausage Alien. Your call.

2. The Bad & The Beautiful Sausage

A harrowing tale.

3. Beauty And The Sausage Beast

4. Clueless Sausage

Sausage rollin' with the homies...


5. Full Metal Sausage

6. Sausage Jam

200 8

7. My Sausage Girl

8. One Sausage Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

First it makes you laugh, then it makes you think.

9. Gone With The Sausage

Frankly my dear, I don't give a ham.

10. Bridget Jones' Sausage Diary


200 14

11. The Wizard Of Sausage

Lions and bangers and bears, oh my!

12. Psycho Sausage

13. It's A Wonderful Sausage

14. There Will Be Sausage

Is that a threat or a promise?

200 9

15. A Sausage Named Desire


16. Sausage Jaws

17. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Sausage

Not that there's any such thing as an ugly sausage.

18. The Graduate Sausage


19. Mean Sausage Girls

200 10

20. The Sound of Sausage

21. Far From Sausage Heaven

22. Sausage Apocalypse Now


23. Almost Famous Sausage

200 11

24. Crouching Sausage, Hidden Sausage

25. True Sausage Lies

The worst kind of lies.

26. Dances With Sausages

200 12

27. Sausage Adventureland

28. 12 Years A Sausage

29. And finally, Snow White & The Sausage Dwarves

Heigh hoooooo!

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