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29 Types Of Sausage And Where They Come From

Time to know your bratwurst from your haggis

Ah, the humble sausage. Although you may think that, in life, there are just good sausages and better sausages, there are actually so much more than that. It seems almost every country has their own variation of the beloved snack. 

Best part is? They're all different, have their own back story, and proper tasty.

What a time to be alive.

1. Hot dogs

(Or hotdogs). is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed and served in a sliced bun. Hot dog variants include the corn dog and sausage rolls.

Typical hot dog garnishes include mustard, ketchup, onions, mayonnaise, relish, cheese, chilli, and sauerkraut. They're generally served by street vendors and at amusement parks, and often taste like happiness.

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2. Chorizo

Chorizo is a term originating in the Iberian Peninsula encompassing several types of pork sausages. Traditionally, chorizo is encased in natural casings made from intestines, a method used since Roman times. Ideal.

Chorizo is a Spanish pork sausage, in which case it must be cooked before eating. Spanish chorizo and Portuguese chouriço get their distinctive smokiness and deep red colour from dried smoked red peppers.

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3. Vienna sausage

A Vienna sausage is a kind of sausage most frequently made from chicken, beef, or pork in chicken broth. The word Wiener means Viennese in German; in Austria the term Wiener is uncommon for this food item, which instead identifies a type of cold cut.

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4. Bloedworst

In Belgium and the Netherlands, bloedworst (or beuling) is sold either in 4-inch-diameter (100 mm) slices, or individual sausages the size of a banana. 

It is generally pan-fried; sometimes apples are cooked alongside or on top of the pieces. It is also eaten with apple sauce, brown sugar, syrup or red cabbage. 

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5. Chipolata

A chipolata is a type of fresh sausage, believed to have been created in France, often prepared as a relatively thin and short breakfast-style sausage, and more often grilled rather than fried.

Chipolatas are typically made from coarse-ground pork seasoned with salt and pepper together with herbs and spices such as sage, thyme, pimento, or nutmeg.

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6. Saucisson

Saucisson, or saucisson sec, is a variety of thick, dry cured sausage that originates in France. 

Typically made of pork, or a mixture of pork and other meats, saucisson are a type of charcuterie similar to salami.

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7. Bratwurst 

Bratwurst is a type of German sausage made from veal, pork or beef. The name is derived from the German 'brat-' which means 'finely chopped meat', and 'wurst', sausage.

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8. Currywurst

Currywurst is a German fast food dish consisting of steamed, then fried bratwurst, cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup, or a ready-made ketchup seasoned with curry and other spices. 

The dish is often served with chips.

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9. Black pudding

Black pudding is a type of blood sausage commonly eaten in Ireland and the UK and other parts of Europe. It's generally made from pork fat or beef suet, pork blood and a relatively high proportion of oatmeal.

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10. White pudding

White pudding is a meat dish popular in Ireland, the UK and Newfoundland. White pudding is similar to black pudding, but does not include blood. 

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11. Drisheen

Drisheen is a type of blood pudding made in Ireland, distinguished from other forms of Irish black pudding by having a gelatinous consistency. 

It is made from a mixture of cow's, pig's and/or sheep's blood, milk, salt and fat which is boiled and sieved and finally cooked using the main intestine of an animal (typically a pig or sheep) as the sausage skin.

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12. Salami

Salami is a type of cured sausage consisting of fermented and air-dried meat, typically beef or pork.

And if you ever wondered what the difference between it and pepperoni were, think sal- for salt, and pepper- for... well, we'll let you work that out yourself.

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13. Skilandis

Skilandis is a Lithuanian sausage. It is made of a pig's stomach stuffed with salted, garlic-flavoured minced meat and bacon, then the sausage is smoked and dried, but not cold-smoked.

Skilandis is an almost legendary product, famous for its long keeping properties.


14. Battered sausage

Battered sausages are a type of sausage, found all across the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. They are similar in concept to the American corn dog (a hot dog sausage coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter) but normally are not served on a stick.

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15. Glamorgan sausage 

Glamorgan sausage is a traditional Welsh vegetarian sausage of which the main ingredients are cheese (usually Caerphilly), leeks and breadcrumbs.

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16. Hog's pudding 

Hog's pudding is a type of sausage produced in Cornwall and Devon. Some versions of the recipe comprise pork meat and fat, suet, bread, and oatmeal or pearl barley formed into the shape of a large sausage, very similar to a white pudding.

 It is much spicier than white pudding as it contains black pepper, cumin, basil and garlic. 

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17. Sausage roll

Best known as a takeaway item from bakeries. Nom. 

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18. Saveloy

A saveloy is a type of highly seasoned sausage, usually bright red, normally boiled and frequently available in British fish and chips shops, occasionally also available fried in batter. 

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19. Cumberland sausage

Cumberland sausage is a form of sausage that originated in Cumberland, England. They are traditionally very long up to 21 inches (50 cm), and sold rolled in a flat, circular coil, but within western Cumbria they are more often served in long curved lengths.

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20. Lincolnshire sausage

Widely available variety at most UK butchers and supermarkets, the sausage is commonly dominated by the herb sage – rather than the more peppery flavour balance found in other regional English sausages.

Lincolnshire sausages are also characterised by their open, chunky texture, the result of the constituent pork being coarsely ground rather than minced.

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21. Newmarket sausage

The Newmarket sausage is a pork sausage made to a traditional recipe from Newmarket, Suffolk. In October 2012 the Newmarket sausage was awarded Protected Geographical Indicator of Origin (PGI) status.

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22. Oxford sausage

Traditionally noted for the addition of veal, in contrast to many traditional British sausages which contain only pork, and their high level of spice seasoning. 

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23. Haggis

A savoury pudding containing sheep's hear, liver and lungs, minced with onion, oats, fat, spices and salt mixed with stock, traditionally encased in the animal's stomach. Haggis has a nutty texture and savoury flavour.

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24. Bologna sausage

Bologna sausage is a sausage derived from Mortadella: a similar-looking, finely ground pork sausage containing cubes of lard, originally from the Italian city of Bologna. 

Bologna can alternatively be made out of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, venison or soy protein.

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25. Boudin

Boudin are various kinds of blood sausage in French, Belgian, German, Quebec, Austrian and Cajun cuisine. 

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26. Breakfast sausage 

Breakfast sausage (or country sausage) is a type of fresh pork sausage usually served at breakfast in the US.


27. Half-smoke

A half-smoke is a "local sausage delicacy" found in Washington, DC, and the surrounding region. 

Similar to a hot dog, but usually larger, spicier, and with more coarsely-ground meat, the sausage is often half-pork and half-beef, smoked, and served with herbs, onion, and chilli sauce.

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28. Hog-maw

Hog-maw is the stomach of a pig. It can be prepared in various ways including stewed, fried, baked, and broiled.

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29. And finally, pepperoni

Pepperoni is an American variety of salami, usually made from cured pork and beef mixed together.

Pepperoni is characteristically soft, slightly smoky, and bright red in colour.