26 Times Pulled Pork Was The Answer To All Of Life's Problems

Truly a food for the Gods

Pulled pork has only really been experiencing its 15 minutes of fame quite recently, but it got us to thinking... how on Earth did we go so long without it?!

It's tangy, yet sweet, refined yet versatile and out of the ordinary without having notions. One of the very few dishes you could enjoy any time of day, and is as good for you as it is delicious. A winning combo.

But, more importantly, it's more than just a sandwich filler, it's a friend. The kind godparent of the delicious shredded meat world.

Let's take a look at all of the times pulled pork was there for you in times of woe...

1. That time it was put in this burger with barbecue sauce

Not to mention, chips.


2. This time it was cooked so crispy it matched a black plate 

Are we dreaming?


3. That time it was put on fresh tostada with lime

Is this real life?


4. This time it changed the barbecue game forever

G'way with your sausages and burgers. Child's play.


5. This time it was paired with CHEESE

There is a God.

Shutterstock 162415859

6. This time it made fries and coleslaw look arbitrary

When you almost forget that sweet potato fries are on your plate too, you know it's real.


7. That time a tiny bowl made all our dreams come true

Do you think we could have this for breakfast?

Y Bow

8. This time it was served with MAC, AND CHEESE

Oh sweet mother.


9. That time there was more meat than bread

More meat than bread a good sandwich makes.

New AssetFile

10. That time there was pulled pork as far as the eye could see

More beautiful than Cinderella.

T Ti

11. This time pulled pork made you drool more than you'd like to admit

Just say you spilled your water, they'll never know.

Shutterstock 53599519

12. This time you actually wanted to order a salad

A salad of meat.

Ime I

13. This time you were officially turned off vegetarianism forever more

They must be crazy.


14. This time three was the magic number...

Because it's SO much better than one, or even two, burgers.

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15. This saucy affair

Good Lord, is it hot in here?

Shutterstock 268699478

16. That time the Earth's most beautiful creatures were put together in a sandwich

Pickles. <3 Cheese. <3 Pork. <3

Shutterstock 231265792

17. This time it made parsley look sexy

No mean feat.

Shutterstock 153645080

18. That time it was piled higher than your dreams

The sky's the limit.

It W

19. This time pink was your favourite colour

What a beauty.


20. This time Irish and pork relations were strong

A marriage of two beautiful things.

Shutterstock 298552343

21. This time chicken fillet rolls came second place

All about those pork rolls.

Shutterstock 273407618

22. This time a PULLED PORK PIZZA existed

What a time to be alive.


23. This time the cooking was almost as good as the eating


Shutterstock 180982421

24. This time hors d'oeuvres were so much more than vol au vents

I'll go to all the parties if these are served.

Shutterstock 167573747

25. This time your packed lunch wrap looked meek and uninteresting

Incomparable to this feast.

Shutterstock 102994895

26. And this time this looked so much better than your local Chinese takeaway...

AND tasted.


Pulled pork > pretty much everything